Precision Diagnostics Wins Poster Competition 
at Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute Annual Conference


San Diego, CA, March 9, 2015 – The Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) selected a poster developed by Precision Diagnostics, a leading provider of diagnostic testing services, as the winning entry at its 20th Annual Drug Benefit Conference, March 2-4, 2015 in San Antonio, TX.


Titled ” Case Study: Payer-Directed Drug Testing Administered at the Pharmacy and Processed Through a PBM Platform,” the poster is co-authored by Precision Diagnostics team members Emily Jordan, Kevin Krock, and Christy Lemons.


The poster summarizes the goals, methodologies, and conclusions of the company’s research into the cost savings and feasibility of a program in which payers, with the assistance of a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), contract with a clinical drug testing laboratory to develop a reasonable pricing structure and an appropriate utilization protocol for drug testing through a PBM software platform.


Ms. Lemons presented the poster to two judges (both scientists with extensive experience), who independently judged the posters on the following attributes:


  1. Clearly and concisely written
  2. Appropriate methodology (research) or process (case study)
  3. Quantitative results included, if appropriate, and consistent with study methods
  4. Relevant to pharmacy benefit management today
  5. Conclusion statement consistent with, and does not overstate, findings
  6. Inclusion of Disclosures statement


The scores were then averaged and the highest scoring poster was selected as the winner.


Jason Hansen, Precision Diagnostics CEO, said, “We are very pleased that our organization has been recognized by PBMI as a thought leader in the pharmacy benefits management arena. We have applied the learnings from the research detailed in our poster presentation to develop an innovative program called Precision TBM (Diagnostics Benefit Management), designed to manage healthcare costs via payer-directed clinical drug testing, accompanied by robust analytics that deliver insights into the compliance of individual patients, as well as decision support data for managing patient populations.”


About Precision Diagnostics


Precision Diagnostics, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a clinical laboratory that specializes in providing quantitative drug testing, primarily for the purpose of helping physicians monitor their patients undergoing treatment for pain or substance abuse. Precision’s objective is to improve patient adherence and compliance with their prescription regimen and protect medical practices from liability. The Company has experienced rapid growth since inception and will continue to expand its successful strategy throughout the rest of the country, becoming a leading, national clinical Diagnostics lab. For more information, visit