• “What I love most about working with Precision is the ultra-positive culture here. I thoroughly enjoy working with positive, ambitious, hard-working peers on a daily basis. My overall experience working with Precision and with everyone here has been 100% positive. I could not have picked a better rapidly growing company to join.”

    • Randall,
      Shipping & Receiving, 02/26/2018
  • "This is by far the best job I have ever had. Precision has the smartest most talented people working to provide superior patient outcomes. Getting to use cutting edge science and technology daily means everyday is more interesting than the last. Amazing people + Great Culture + New technology = A great company."

    • Josh,
      Director of Clinical Operations, 08/12/2013
  • “I have been connected to the values of Precision since my interview process. I knew then that I wanted to work with Precision and I am proud to be able to represent our team in front of the clients I work with because our clients see the integrity behind everything Precision does.”

    • Katie,
      Account Manager, 09/26/2016
  • “Precision is place where your ideas and creative thinking are welcomed and appreciated by upper management. When I began my career here at Precision I started as a Client Services Representative handling specimen holds. In my four years here, I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the growing success of the company in addition to growing professionally within the company. I now manage two teams here at Precision, which is further proof that your hard work never goes unnoticed. It has been a truly rewarding experience working for a company that allows and encourages you to grow both professionally and personally.”

    • Lindsey,
      Account Maintenance, 06/09/2014
  • “I love getting to work with new clients and watching them realize we are not going to leave them holding the bag with frustrated employees and a bunch of an angry patients, that we can actually a partner in providing the highest quality care available, that we actually care about the patients and their outcomes as much as we care about reimbursements. It means so much to me that I have never personally objected to a Precision policy, never felt like Precision wasn’t doing the right thing for a client or for a patient. I love that I get to solve problems rather than contribute to them, and that is all a result of us collectively acting from a place of integrity.”

    • Ian,
      Territory Manager, 01/18/2017
  • "Precision has been wonderful since my first day on board. From management, training and to work environment. I've always had support from you with any questions and any help I've needed. And that definitely is a lot of the reason why I like precision. You guys have gone out of your way to show me that you genuinely care about your employees. I stay because I see career growth with precision, especially when it comes to expanding my skills and education. So overall I have great team here and a great team leader. And this is the first job that I've had where i genuinely love what I do

    • Michelle,
      Field Operations Technician, 04/30/2018